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Andriy Helytovych

Born 1989, Lwów

Helytovych Andrii

Studied at the Ivan Trush Lviv State College of Applied and Decorative Arts and the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Helytovich participated in DroArtDay in Drohobych in 2016 and a range of performance art events in Poland in 2017: Action Lublin! in Lublin, International Art Festival “Interactions” in Piotrków Trybunalski and “Contexts” International Festival of Ephemeral Art in Sokołowsko.

As a perfomer, Helytovich concentrates primarily on the temporal aspect of artistic practice, which he explores through live actions. His current work is founded on the paradoxical creed: “To work to the last moment – never stop working at all – never work at all.”

photo: Moliashchyi

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