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Colm Clarke

Born 1983

Colm Clarke

Colm Clarke is an artist based in Belfast and working from Queen Street Studios. His performance work is concerned with ecology, resonance, vibration and the aesthetics of power structures. His collaborative projects (WABFM, starewars, MOOK) utilise strategies of participation and humour to critically question historical and contextual possiblities of artistic endeavour and representation.

He has exhibited both locally and internationally with his performance/installations recently featured in PRESS START Catalyst Arts (Belfast), Soft Bodies Ars Electronica (Linz), EPAF CCA (Warsaw), BLOP Arnolfini (Bristol) amongst others. In 2010 he undertook two artist in residencies in India- Art Karavan (Dehli) and GWAF (Orrissa).

He is currently undertaking CONVENTION a series of public performances/ sculptures investigating the relations with public ecology. The work aims to question what a monument/ memorial is in the public sphere and how participation, presence and absence effect our interactions in civil spaces both concrete and virtual.

The project is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland ACES Award in conjunction with Golden Thread Gallery and Bbeyond.

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