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Stanisław Bałdyga

Born 1993, Warszawa

Bałdyga Stanisław

Bałdyga graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015 and is currently pursuing postgraduate studies at the same academy. He has participated in a range of events in Poland, such as the Students’ Biennial of Small Sculptural Form in Poznań (2015), ŻEŹBA in Warsaw (2016) and All-Poland Platform of Academic Cooperation in Orońsko (2016), as well as events in Belfast and Newcastle, where he studied for one semester in 2017.

Bałdyga mainly creates installations and kinetic objects that address such questions as process, change, disintegration and instability. He is also active as a performer who comments on current political and social problems, such as wars, refugee crisis, impact of technologies on the human condition. The artist finds it important to work in the public space, which he prefers to institutional environments.


photo: Ali Al-Fatlawi

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