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Wojciech Bąkowski

Born 1979, Poland


Wojciech Bąkowski is an author of animated films, video works, performances and audio objects. He is also a poet and a musician – the leader of KOT and Niwea bands, a member of the Penerstwo group and an author of  ”Wojciech Bąkowski” solo project. In 2009 he was awarded the “Spojrzenia” award of Zachęta National Gallery of Art and in the following year it was the “Paszport Polityki” award.

During the concert Wojciech Bąkowski is going to present his latest works form the “Telegaz” album, which is to be released this autumn. The arrangements are going to contain music confection samples, free online presentations of wind instruments and  sound signals of  a telephone. The concert is composed of vocal performances, edited live recordings and typographical visualizations accompanied by English version of the lyrics.


Wojciech Bąkowski is appearing at the Performance Platform Lublin 2014 festival as a special guest.

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