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Branko Miliskovic

Born 1982

Branko Miliskovic

born 1982, Serbia

I’ve always been interested in a very direct contact with the public, intending to establish a special charismatic presence, fuse with them and finally take them over. I work in the fields of live art, cabaret, video installation and film. Communicating with the audience, both directly and with a pinch of mystery, I use my body and identity as the main media. The characters I create in my subsequent works all refer to my national background. I see my work as a linear system of designated and highly self-controlled non-linear situations in progression through which I am passing, aiming to leave a permanent trace and to introduce my own standards. In my latest works I have been developing an interest in “individual and social choreography” and their relations within political frames. Finally, my major intention is to constitute my body as an independent territory with full integrity and sovereignty, a territory with its own rules and its own gravitation.

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