October 24, 2013 Thursday


The opening of the Festival and exhibition of the documentation of  International Artists Meeting “Performance and Body 1978″

Eve Bonneau
Grzegorz Bożek (1st part of performance)
Kineret Haya Max

Film projection of documentation of performance “Improvisations” made by Zbigniew Warpechowski and Tomasz Stańko, 2008, from the collection of Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Lublin

Grzegorz Bożek
continuation of performance at Radio Lublin

October 25, 2013 Friday

from 12.00
exhibition “Performance and Body”

durational performance of Arianna Ferrari

from 18.00
Tales Frey
Liu Chengrui
Sarah Hill

Artist’s talk after performances

October 26, 2013 Saturday

from 12.00
exhibition “Performance and Body”

from 18.00
Branko Miliskovic
Justyna Górowska
Przemysław Kwiek

After performances talk with special guests: Janusz Bałdyga, Natalia Kaliś, Zdzisław Kwiatkowski, Przemysław Kwiek, Tadeusz Mroczek, Zbigniew Warpechowski, Ewa Zarzycka


The festival will be held in Galeria Labirynt in Lublin, ul. Popieluszki 5.

Deatails of the programme can be changed.