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Grzegorz Bożek

Born 1988

Grzegorz Bozek

born 1988, Poland

I work in the field of poetry, which I analyse not only by means of painting, but also through written poems, broadly understood technique of video and performative actions.
What I find interesting are aimless actions, either arranged according to a certain chronology and kept in order, or totally devoid of them. I can’t imagine people suddenly giving up breeding animals. A friend of mine, a Ruthenian, once tried to explain the terms ”grooming,” “to groom” to me. In the countryside, you have to work in order for the farm to function well: take care of the animals in the morning, afternoon and evening, so that they are not hungry, thirsty or dirty. That is why grooming needs to be done, for health reasons and to maintain order. Even a cow suffers when it has not been milked and its udder is swelling with milk.

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