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Justyna Górowska

Born 1988

Justyna Gorowska

born 1988, Poland

I am a PERFORMER born in 1988 in Poland.
For me, performance is not just a means of artistic expression, but also a way of life, a syndrome which I find in everyday reality. Like Joseph Beuys, I am convinced that any manifestation of ordinary life can be art. I also agree with him that everybody is endowed with a creative element.
I interpret the notion of artistic work in very broad terms; my sense can accept any fragment of reality as an artwork. I myself can also become one in the eyes of the observer.
The most significant element of any work is my own experience, irrespective of the medium expressing it.
Thought is a very important aspect of my work. I find the modern posthumanism close to my own worldview. I am interested in the human who is no longer a central figure in the world; the human who is not afraid to lose his or her autonomy and to become absorbed by the reality. I explore the borders between existence and non-existence and the space of permanent participation in the liquid whole, difficult to define.
Therefore, according to what has already been stated here, I do not imagine an artwork without the receiver. It is the audience who generate and co-create the meaning of any work.
In my artistic work, I reconstruct the lost vision of the world.

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