August 2, 2017

We are happy to announce the list of participants of the 7th edition of Performance Platform Lublin. We have received 70 applications. We are thankkful to everyone who spent time to prepare the documentation and application.

The list of participants of the workshops and the festival:

Aida Adilbekova
Kadidia Ba 
Stanisław Bałdyga 
Lucia Bricco 
Grzegorz Demczuk
Lia Dostlieva
Dominika Gierszewska
Galya Gurova
Andriy Helytovych
Léann Herlihy 
Bogna Juchnowicz 
Iryna Kharlamova
Florence Lam 
Daria Lukianenko
Kateryna Mamchur
Marek Mardosewicz 
Nadia Markiewicz
Marina Moskalyova
Anvar Musrepov
Olja Om

Berenika Pyza
Rika Ryzhykova
Jasmin Schaitl
Illia Semerenko
Olga Skliarska
Bernadetta Szymoniak
Ximan Wang
Olga Winiarczyk
Ani Zur

Comitee: Marta Bosowska, Paulina Kempisty, Waldemar Tatarczuk


Dear Artists! Regarding many applications which we have received in last few days of the open call, the list of participatns will be announced on 25th September evening.


OPEN CALL FOR YOUNG ARTISTS (deadline: September 20th, 2017, 24 p.m., GMT)

Performance Art Foundation and Galeria Labirynt invite to participate in the 7th edition of Performance Platform Lublin.

The festival has been taking place in Lublin since 2009 and is devoted to performance art. Until now we have mainly presented the artists already experienced in this field of art, hence this year we have decided to open the event to the emerging artists. The formula of this year’s edition, which will be preceded by several-day workshops, has also changed. For these reasons, we are particularly interested in applications of young and curious seekers and it is mainly them that this open call is addressed at, but we are far from introducing any age limits.

Everyone still studying or who has just graduated from an art college/academy or has been working for years, but begun their performance activities only recently is welcome to submit their applications.

The festival has no leading theme or slogan – what is crucial for us is the presentation of artistic attitudes outside of the framework of the concept imposed by the curators. Narratives are created by themselves – as a result of the extraordinary energy of the meeting of people experiencing the art happening here and now. We are focusing on performance art and activities beyond classical performance, however, we are not interested in theatre and dance performances or concerts. Such presentations will not be included in the programme.

Performance Platform Lublin is taking place between November 3rd and 11th, 2017 in Galeria Labirynt in Lublin. The programme includes workshops and the festival itself:  

November 3rd – arrival in Lublin
November 4th – 8th – workshops, preparations for the festival
November 9th – 11th – the Performance Platform Lublin festival, presentations by the participants and the tutors
November 12th – departure

When submitting your application, please make a selection of the tutor. We will do our best to ensure that all those qualified get to group of the tutor they choose. However, we reserve the right to change the choice. Each group has workshops with one tutor only. The workshops will be held in English.

Invited tutors and descrptions of the workshops:

Marilyn Arsem – has been creating live events since 1975, ranging from solo performances to large-scale interactive works incorporating installation and performance.  She has presented her work at festivals, alternative spaces, galleries, museums, universities and conferences in 28 countries throughout Europe, Asia, in the Middle East, and in North and South America. In 2015 she was awarded the Maud Morgan Prize by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she presented a 100-day performance, 100 Ways to Consider Time. She established one of the most extensive programs internationally in visually-based performance art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she taught for 27 years.  She has been a member of Mobius, Inc. since she began the organization in 1975.  Website: <>

Title of the workshop: Performance as experiment
Description: This workshop focuses on performance art as a site of learning. The performance action is an experiment. The end result is not known, either by the performer or the viewers. Instead, something is discovered through the process of doing the work, in the act of observing and experiencing change and transformation. Using performance, you might choose to learn something about yourself, about the world around you, or about the audience. The challenge is selecting materials and designing an action that allows you to effectively examine the question that you are asking. During the workshop, you will design and execute several different experiments in order to learn something new.  You will utilize different performance strategies including ones that engage the viewer. Guided writing exercises will further develop your practice in constructing and analyzing your own work.

Jürgen Fritz

Title of the workshop: Exploring Performance Art
Description: In the center of my interest in Performance Art is the person of the artist. By him / her and through him / her the performative image develops. From this several questions for the workshop can be deduced: What is a performative image? How is the performative image developed? What is presence? With what tools can performance artists work on “presence”? The workshop begins with concrete, sometimes very intensive physical exercises. These exercises do not serve to teach performance art, the preoccupation with these tasks throw the participants back on themselves and so enhance the confrontation with their own aesthetic experience. Existing insights, images or experiences should be activated and brought in to the actions. In the sense of a negotiation of the topic „presence” the participant shall recognize him/herself regarding the given situation and the others participants. Here questions about impression as physical perception are the subject of the argument. Presence in this sense is “successfully” setting oneself in relation to the situation of the performance – as an action in the here and now. Altogether the workshop is arranged into two parts: The first part is dedicated to the group performance. It deals with issues of common rhythm, impulse and perception. The accompanying exercises set the foundations for a common approach to performance art. The second part deals with the personal approach – to the topic, the material and the strategy of solo performance. In the concluding public presentation these two fields of work are united. For this approx. 2 – hour performance a solo performance is developed, which is shown in a public group performance with the other participants.

About challenge:
The basic guideline of this workshop is to support the participating artists in their individual approach to performance art. By questioning the individual borders of social and gender codes we try to create an inspiring and challenging situation for new aspects and possibilities in the own work.

About the definition of Performance Art:
Generally, for the practice I do not consider the discussion about the correct definition of Performance Art as very helpful. I agree with Hans-Thies Lehmann, who in his book “Post-Dramatic Theater” has the following definition: “Performance is, what those who are showing it, announce as such.” (Hans-Thies Lehmann, Postdramatisches Theater, Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main 1999, S. 245) For the situation of a workshop, however, it is necessary, to limit the resulting spectrum of what constitutes Performance Art, since only a common language level, makes it possible to concentrate on the work. The workshop Exploring Performance Art is therefore based on the following understanding of performance art:
1. Performance Art is a genre of Fine Arts. This setting has an influence mainly on the sculptural self-understanding of the artist, and thus on the expected reception attitude of the audience.
2. Performance Art is processual art. The performative picture develops during the action, in consequence of the confrontation with the material and the performance situation.
3. Performance Art is not expressive or narrative – i.e. in the foreground stand no stories or messages. In this sense, Performance Art refers to itself, Performance Art is self-referential. The person of the artist is the first and most important material of the artistic discourse.
4. The quality of the submitted objects or the material of the artistic concentration is measured by its potential of changing and developing the person. Therefore, it is not the question what the artist does with the material but how the material reflects back on the artist!
5. Hopefully, performance produces an event as a result of a real experience in the situation of the performance.

Martin Zet - despite the fact that he died in 2015 keeps on asking and being around.

Title of the workshop: How to be apolitical.
Description: Group of participants will examine how the same activities function the same or different way when made in private or in the public space.


Please don’t miss the application deadline, which is September 20th, 2017, 12 p.m., GMT

To take part in open call make sure you send us:
a)  a filled-in application form (PDF format) please make sure the file’s name runs according to the following scheme: surname_name_application.pdf,
b)  your portfolio (in PDF format); the file’s name as above: surname_name_portfolio.pdf,
c)  3 photos of performances (jpg files) named according to the following scheme: surname_name._fot. photographer’s surname
d)  video documentation  (if you have) of up to three performances (video files)

Please submit your applications exclusively via e-mail at or any file transfer software.

The artists qualified to participate in the event are provided with:
- accommodation for the festival’s duration (dorm rooms)
- breakfast, dinner
- photo and video documentation of the performances conducted during the festival
- technical support on the site

Participation of artists from Austria is supported additionaly by Austrian Cultural Forum.



In the program accompanying the PPL we are also planning to have a video part which will present the submitted videoperformances and video documentations of actions.

The application method is analogical to that described above. Up to 2 works can be submitted for a video program.

We offer a projection of chosen video, a mention in all promotional materials and on the festival website to all the artists whose works are going to be presented in the video program.


The list of  the artists selected to participate in the festival is to be published on September 24th, 2017 at

The selection is to be made by a commission appointed by Performance Art Foundation.

Feel free to contact us at